Business Rules Management

Capturing, automating and governing frequent, repeatable business decisions.

Business Rules Management enables to executes decision logic separately from application code. Managing business rules outside of code enables them to be maintained without programming, often by less technical users. For example, the rules that determine whether you qualify for a loan and what your rate will be can be defined outside of code so that as marketplace conditions change, the rules associated with lendingrules associated with minimum income, credit score or debt to loan ratiocan be updated without changing code.

It is used in a variety of industries in any situation where there are rules that are complex and/or change frequently. Common use cases include: eligibility for social programs, loans and insurance policies, risk rating, pricing, complex routing, and loyalty programs. It is all about staying agile and changing the way a decision is being consistently taken as fast as possible. Benefits include: quicker time to market, lower cost of change, consistancy, and auditability.


Business Process and Case Management

Model, simulate, execute, rapidly change, monitor and optimize core business processes and workflows.

Simply stated, a BPM program enables companies to process more with higher quality, less waste and less effort. This is particularly advantageous for startups and other companies faced with tight budgets that need to reach profitability quickly. But also suite for large, established companies that need to become more efficient and predictable.

The specific benefits usually fall into four categories: efficiency (reducing manual effort, poor handoff), effectiveness (handling exceptions faster, execute consistantly), agility (being able to adapt to a changing environment and regulations, and auditability (ability to effectively monitor overall progress and measure time and effort).


Automated Scorecards

We advised a central-european bank on the use of Business Rules for loan application scorecards.

They now use a rules-based loan-application system not only to approve or deny credit in near-real time but also to analyze customers profile so as to customize the final loan. The solution also allows the bank to simulate and create the optimal requirements for new loan products before launch, speeding time to market and maximizing revenue.

The new solution automates 90% of all loan decisions. Customer satisfaction and competitiveness have increased. It also provides full auditability and traceability of loan processes, helping with compliance in changing regulatory environment.


Better visibility into subscriptions

We advised a western-european insurance on the use of Case Management for product subscriptions.

They now use case management to drive the progression of product subscriptions, giving full visibility on a process that was formerly mostly manual. Customer satisfaction has increased through the added insight they get into the case progression, and the overall time to closure has decreased significantly.

Moreover, the business has now very detailed data on the performance of the processes to leverage for continuous improvement.


Why Arbitrium?

Unlike the big boys who do it all, Arbitrium are speciality advisors and consultants focused on Business Rules and BPM/Case Management. This means all of our assignments' experience pertains to those subjects. Be it with Appian, IBM, Pega, Red Hat or TIBCO technology, we really know our stuff and will give you excellent value for your budget. And, as a lean company, our G&A costs will not inflate our invoices.

Making a Difference

Our early design consulting and later architecture/code reviews have made quite a difference for our clients.

Mindshare and Industry Events

We participated as guest or keynote speakers to a wide variety of industry events.

Field Experience

Our team accumulated field experience in many European countries, South Africa, Israel, and Turkey for the past 20 years.

On Site or Remote

Not all our work needs to be a more expensive, on-site assignment. We are happy to work remotely provided there is VPN access to your infrastructure.

Clean Slate or Framework Leverage

While our best practices and frameworks could be a great leverage for your endeavour, starting from a clean slate is also a possibility when hiring us.

Working in Confidence

Hiring Arbitrium means working in confidence. We do no leverage confidential information. Only our aggregated experience gets accumulated into our practices and frameworks.

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